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Absolute Zero the Easiest Way to Sight in a Rifle

Axeon Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero

Fast One Shot Sight In

The patented Axeon® Absolute Zero™ makes sighting in your rifle absolutely easy. Using two precision lasers it guarantees you hold your rifle in the exact same place for each shot completely eliminating hold error. It’s the quickest, most efficient, most accurate way to find your zero at 25 yards giving you the ability to zero at 100 yards with cold barrel accuracy. The Absolute Zero™ saves you time, money, ammo and your shoulder! It works across multiple platforms and calibers.

Features & Specifications Overview

  • Saves ammo, time, and money
  • Cold barrel accuracy
  • Eliminates cant and movement
  • Easy one shot sight in
  • Scope Mount fits 1-inch and 30mm scope tubes
  • Red laser sight in
  • Quickly mount to scope or picatinny rail
  • Works with most calibers/gauges
  • Cross platform





How to sight in a scoped rifle with the absolute zero™

  • Attach the included Axeon Optics laser reflective chart horizontally to a large paper target
  • Set the paper target out at 25 yards
  • Attach the Absolute Zero™ on the top of your rifle scope or attach it to your picatinny rail and turn it on. It emits two lasers horizontally aligned.
  • Using a shooting bench, set your rifle on shooting bags or place in a rifle vice (use of a rifle vice or sled type rest is ideal, but not necessary)
  • Point your rifle at your target
  • Look through your scope and position the two laser dots on the reflective chart. (rest your cheek against your rifle's stock as you normally would)
  • Note which two reflective squares on the chart the lasers are inside of.
  • While holding the lasers on the two squares you noted, fire a shot at the target (shot #1).
  • While holding the two laser dots back on the same squares you originally noted, and your cheek and eye relief the same as when you took the first shot, move the crosshair to the bullet hole.
  • In just 1-shot your scope is now sighted to where the bore of your gun shoots at 25 yards
  • Fire a second shot at the bullseye for re-assurance if you wish, but not necessary
  • For a 100 yard zero, adjust your reticle based on your ammunition's ballistics. Consult the ballistic data provided by your ammunition's manufacturer to know your bullet's expected point of impact over aim point at 100 yards.
  • Do fine adjustment of your scope by determining the MOA and the number of click adjustments required to move your point of impact to your aim point.
  • In just one shot, with a cold barrel, you are now zeroed at 100 yards.
  • Note: Difficulty in zeroing may indicate faulty user technique. Consult the ballistic data provided by your ammunition's manufacturer to know your bullet's expected point of impact over aim point at 100 yards.





I've Sighted in at 25 yards. What should I expect at 100 yards?

Due to your bullet's ballistic trajectory or what some may refer to as "bulletrise", your impact at 100 yards will likely be high. To get an idea of what you should expect at 100 yards after zeroing at 25 yards we've put this chart together for you. You'll need to know your bore height (distance from center of bore/barrel to center.

What is cant error?

In precision shooting there are many factors that affect the ability of a shooter to hit a target with accuracy. One of these factors is cant error. Cant error is the result of not holding the rifle bore axis and the scope axis in a vertical plane. Precision shooters practice "cheek weld" to overcome this issue. Absolute Zero™ eliminates this need when sighting-in.

Technically speaking, what is the Absolute Zero™?

The Absolute Zero™ utilizes the Hancosky Method -- Using at least one superposition device coupled to the projectile device, multiple optical reference points are superposed within a first target area. Positions for the two optical reference points are noted. A projectile is shot from the projectile device at a second target area, while the positions of the two optical reference points are maintained, to create the point of impact. The point of aim for the projectile device is adjusted to correspond with the point of impact while the positions of the two optical reference points are maintained.

How is the Absolute Zero™ better than a bore sight?

  • Bore sights, whether muzzle of chamber mounted, need to be removed between shots meaning inconsistency and a potential safety issue.
  • Many bore sights are caliber specific, necessitating the potential purchase of many, whereas the Absolute Zero™ is universal.
  • Bore sights, in an attempt to be universal, must be sized to accommodate every manufacturer's + and - tolerances, consequently most lack qualifying as "precision" devices.
  • Bore sights start the zeroing process. The Absolute Zero™ is the process.