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Is it the Heat or the Humidity?

Whew, it is hot out there this Summer! Well, at least it is in parts of the country.  In the bright, sunny south, and a few other places, we have to contend with a factor called the heat index. The heat index is sort of like a handicap in golf. The heat index is a function of the measured temperat...

Just Aim Center: Fling Lead with the Second Zero
After a spring and summer of planting food plots, trimming branches for shooting lanes and doublechecking stand locations, deer season is just right around the corner. After decades of hunting deep in the Ozarks, I’m expanding my hunting range this year to include some agricultural fields in the Delta. But that presents a unique problem. My deer rifle is sighted in for 100 yards, since that’s the longest shot I might take in the thick cover of the Boston Mountains. But sitting on a row crop field in eastern Arkansas means much longer shots will be available.
Brand New in the Axeon Store: The 6-24X50 and 4-16X50 SF IGF Scopes
The lead up to the 2022 hunting season just got a little better for the Axeon Optics website. We now have the long awaited 6-24X50 and 4-16X50 SF IGF scopes in stock and just in time to get in your paws for a successful hunting season. These scopes were first announced at this year’s SHOT Show but it has taken a hot minute for us to get them into stock. Please take a moment to read through this refresher on the features for each below.
Second Zero and .300 AAC/Blackout

Second Zero and .300 AAC/Blackout

It took me long enough. Yes, I can be slow to jump on the bandwagon of a new caliber. It’s not like there have been a few end-all wonder rounds that have leaped onto the scene and just as quickly disappeared or relegated to oddball status forever. The .300 AAC roun...

Pistol Red Dots for 2022
With pistol optics on the rise, even the most basic entry-level handguns seem to be coming pre-milled to accept one. At the same time, the iron sight crowd is taking notice and considering making the switch by mounting an option to their favorite match or CCW equipment. Since pistol optics will not be for everybody, many are looking for an affordable option to test the waters that won’t let them down in the performance department. Whenever this scenario presents itself, Axeon always seems to jump right on it and, for 2022 introduced two exciting micro pistol red dots that won’t break the bank.
7XRGB20 Compact Multi-Color Dot Sight
I’ll have to admit that I do love red-dot and other electronic gun sights, but I detest looking for an oddball battery in a pinch. Ok, the common CR2032 isn’t that oddball of a battery, but it’s not a battery that I typically have a box of laying around the house. I keep a stock of AA, AAA, and CR123A batteries on hand to keep my flashlights, camera strobes, and other household electric items functioning whenever I need them. The flat nickel sized battery that powers most red dot sights– not so easy to stockpile. Locally, these batteries are only sold in a two-pack and a little on the pricey side for what they are.
Axeon Optics 1-6X24 Low Power Variable Optic
While looking through some pictures on my computer the other day, I ran across a few images of an optic that I fondly remember taking home for a run down. The optic in question was the 1-6X24 Low Power Variable Optic. Like most things I love, it is not an overly complicated device. It’s robust, simple, and dependable.
Axeon Prism 3XRD
There is an estimated 33% of the population that have astigmatism. Maybe a funny way to start off a blog entry, but if you have this optical inconvenience, you know exactly why prism optics with etched reticles are coveted by shooters. Besides a traditional magnified scope, they are the only electronic sight that doesn’t flare out when you take aim.
What do you use for Personal Protection?
Everyone sets up their home defense guns differently. Some use Less Lethal; others use shotguns, pistols or rifles. Different guns all have different purposes and depending on where you live and your skill level, one might work better for you than another. Your home defense gun needs to work for you and your purpose. My home protection gun is currently a GLOCK 19 Gen 5, a compact 9mm pistol. It lives in a small safe in the bedroom.
Where and Why to Use These Hot New Axeon Optics Electronic Sights
Everywhere you look these days you see electronic sights on all sorts of firearms. Electronic red dots or similar gun sights are notable in that they have, primarily, one huge positive going for them– they improve user interface with a firearm. If you can improve your fit and interface with a firearm, you can be more accurate, you can be faster, and those two things make you want to shoot more, you will see that enthusiasm turn into gains. It’s not a bad deal at all, really.