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Blog posts of '2021' 'July'

New Tech on Old Gun: MDSR1 and XS Scout Rail on the Marlin 1895G
How can you even say that you are a gun extremist and not like lever actions? Yes, autoloaders and bolt actions rule the day with their accuracy, capacity, and modularity, but why does the antiquated lever gun still remain popular 160 odd years after they were first introduced? Maybe I’m biased, but as a lover of all things pew pew related, the lever action has never lost its appeal to me. The first hunting rifles (and by extension home protection and plinking guns as well) I remember were the Marlin, Winchester, and Browning lever actions my family hunted with. My brother, a guy who’s forgotten more about guns than I’ll ever know, picked up a Savage Model 99 in .308 Winchester about 30 years ago. The Savage employs a hammerless design that delivers bolt action accuracy due in part to its ability to shoot spitzer-style bullets.