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Blog posts of '2022' 'February'

Where and Why to Use These Hot New Axeon Optics Electronic Sights
Everywhere you look these days you see electronic sights on all sorts of firearms. Electronic red dots or similar gun sights are notable in that they have, primarily, one huge positive going for them– they improve user interface with a firearm. If you can improve your fit and interface with a firearm, you can be more accurate, you can be faster, and those two things make you want to shoot more, you will see that enthusiasm turn into gains. It’s not a bad deal at all, really.
What Is There To Get Excited About in February?
I can’t speak for anyone except for myself, but of the twelve months on the calendar, February has got to be the least appealing one. For me, no matter how you slice it, it’s 28 (or 29) days of cold, miserable weather that must be trodden through in order to make it to what will likely be a cold, windy March. But at least by March there will be some days where jackets won’t be required all day and the days will have grown long enough to allow for some afterwork chores to be done in the daylight.