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Creative thinking and innovative engineering have led to the creation of a technologically infused line of optic devices designed specifically for the shooter.

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With technology at the forefront, the features of Axeon Optics are designed, machined and assembled to give you long lasting clarity, dependability, and ease of use.

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Axeon Optic Solutions fuses modern technologies with an affordability that clearly gets you on target without compromising build quality, reliability and user-friendly features.

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Axeon Optics is not your traditional optics company. While we do make traditional optics products, we push the boundaries in optics and bring our customers unique, cutting edge products. Innovation is part of our DNA at Axeon Optics. Our ultimate desire is to help make the shooter’s experience at the bench or in the field a complete success from beginning to the end.

Complete success for us means eliminating frustration from the zeroing in process, eliminating the guesswork in shooting longer ranges, and eliminating failures in the field. Products like the Absolute Zero, the Second Zero, and our Hunting series scopes directly address these concerns.

The concepts exemplified with these products are not overly complex, but they now been executed in ways that are simple and reliable. The patented Hancosky method used in the Absolute Zero is an excellent example of this. By making a triangle with the bullet’s impact and two laser beams, shooters can get their rifle zeroed in one shot. This sounds simple and it is. It is simple and it works.

Likewise, John Baker’s patented lens technology used in our Second Zero allows shooters to instantly correct for holdover at longer than normal ranges. By bending the light entering the optic by a precise MOA measurement the shooter can compensate for bullet drop at ranges that require lots of “Kentucky windage” estimates. Once again, it is simple and it works.

Our Hunting Series Scopes are perfect choices for the field. Superb optical quality, extremely durable, and strong but lightweight construction make our scopes an attractive choice in the crowded world of rifle scopes.

Innovative products like those mentioned above, grounded in science, means we are constantly working on making products that will make your shooting experience clearly on target!

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