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Brand New in the Axeon Store: The 6-24X50 and 4-16X50 SF IGF Scopes

Brand New in the Axeon Store: The 6-24X50 and 4-16X50 SF IGF Scopes

The lead up to the 2022 hunting season just got a little better for the Axeon Optics website. We now have the long awaited 6-24X50 and 4-16X50 SF IGF scopes in stock and just in time to get in your paws for a successful hunting season. These scopes were first announced at this year’s SHOT Show but it has taken a hot minute for us to get them into stock. Please take a moment to read through this refresher on the features for each below.

6-24X50 SF IGF Illuminated Reticle Scope

Many shooters are rocking the long range target these days. For that type of shooting here’s our new Axeon 6-24X50 scope with an illuminated G-126 tree reticle. This second focal plane scope has locking, zero reset turrets, 30mm main tube, and side adjustable parallax in addition to a detailed tree style G-126 reticle. Since it is a second focal plane reticle, you’ll never have to worry about the reticle being so faint at the low magnification setting that you can’t see it, nor so big at the higher magnification settings that it obscures the target. Ranging can be done in one step at the 10X setting or with one calculation in either direction at 5X or 20X. Illumination is set up in either red or green with 5 levels of brightness for each color.

4-16X50 SF IGF Illuminated Reticle Scope

Two years ago we introduced the highly successful Dog Soldier Predator Scope which was aimed, pun intended, toward hunters who need to set their dope and go. That scope offered simplicity where it was needed and utility all over the place. The logical next move was to create a variation on that scope that was bent a little more toward a precision shooter but still perfectly at home in the woods. The new Axeon 4-16X50 Illuminated Reticle Scope certainly does just that by also making use of the G-126 tree reticle shared with the 6-24X50 IRS. This scope also features locking, zero reset turrets, side parallax focus, and a 30mm main tube. Illumination is provided in either red or green with 5 steps of brightness for each color. Ranging can be done natively at the 10X magnification setting.

G-126 Tree Reticle

The reticle used in both of these scopes is the same and they are both set to natively range at 10X power and can easily be converted for use in ranging at other magnification settings. Given this information, the subtensions for each main unit (longer hash) is in increments of 4 MOA at 10X. There will be a half length hash between each main unit that is 2 MOA AT 10X. If you would like to range at the 5X power setting with the 4-16X50 scope, you will need to double the MOA increments for each. For the 16X setting on the 4-16x50 or 6-24X50 scope, the ranging factor for each main hash is as follows: 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5, and 25. For 20X ranging on the 6-24X50 start the scale at 2 for the first main hash and add 1 for each half thereafter.

The formula for calculating range of a known target using an MOA reticle is fairly simple, even for folks like myself who are mathematically challenged.

Take the width or height of the target and multiply it by 100. Now view the target through the scope at the appropriate magnification setting. Measure the target against the reticle and note how many MOA the target takes up in the reticle. This number is then divided into the first number and the resulting figure is the distance to the target in yards.

Here are some examples of this formula in action.

The average adult whitetail deer has a top of back to bottom of chest measurement of about 14 inches. When viewed through the scope with the magnification set on 5X, the deer’s chest measures to the first main hash, or 4 MOA. Since the scope is set at 5X, this is really 8 MOA.

14” x 100 / 8 MOA

Simplified to 1400 / 8 = 175 Yards

In this case the deer is approximately 175 yards from the hunter. Let’s take another stab at this, using a standard sized adhesive note as the target. These notes are 3 inches square and are handy for use on targets. In this example, this 3 inch target is measuring to the first half hash on the reticle while being viewed at 10X magnification. Using the formula the equation will look like this:

3” X 100 / 2 MOA

This simplifies to look like this:

300 / 2 = 150 Yards

For giggles, let’s do one more where we are using the 6-24X50 SF IGF scope at 20X and it is pointed at a 9” steel target that is taking up 2 MOA (as marked) of the reticle. This would divide the actual MOA measurement in half.

9 X 100 / 2 MOA* (1 MOA)

*Since we are using the scope at 20X, we must correct the measurement to figure the measurement at 10X so we need to divide indicated MOA by 2.

900 / 1 = 900 Yards

In addition to the MOA hashmarks on the main vertical and horizontal G-126 reticle, there are windage markings, too, that are laid out in a logical fashion. The first dot on the windage scales that are located at each full hash (4, 8, 12, 16, etc as marked on the reticle) is 1.6 MOA from the center of the vertical crosshair. Each dot has 0.8 MOA spacing with every 5th dot being oversized. This oversized dot will line up with the full hash mark on the horizontal crosshair. These more finely graduated subtensions can be helpful in precisely ranging a smaller target or a target found at a greater distance.

Getting a Bang For Your Buck

Here at Axeon we are chiefly concerned with offering shooters and hunters a lot of bang for their buck. We know how hard things have been on people’s pocketbooks here lately and are working hard to keep your business by keeping our prices as low as possible. You can pick up either of these scopes for about three bills respectively. In a world where a dozen eggs has quadrupled in cost from two years ago and gasoline is still nearly double what it was then, that is saying something. Both of these new optics offer shooters a solid, well made, useful optic that punches way above its weight classification. Oh, almost forgot to mention that we lowered the free-shipping cart size to further help our customers out. Now all orders that are $119.99 or greater ship for free, these great optics deals are too sweet to pass up!

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