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Blog posts of '2021' 'June'

A Grizzly Whitetail Encounter
In western Montana, the whitetail buck rut doesn't start until the last week of the season so it has always been a tradition to go out and do some rattling for bucks on Thanksgiving morning. On my way up the mountain, I passed some grizzly tracks meandering through the fresh snow alongside the road but didn't give them much thought because this is grizzly country. Having already trudged through the snow for three empty stands now I wanted to get one more in before looping back to the truck. Moments within ending the first rattle a brushing sound was heard out to my right. Anticipating a big buck to walk out of the trees any moment I brought up my Axeon EDR Scope to my eye, but what was revealed had huge claws and a massive shoulder hump!
Four Tips on How To Find Ammo for Sale
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have picked up on the fact that a commodity, namely firearm ammunition, that was available in profusion last year at this time, is rarer than hen’s teeth today. For those who haven’t anticipated this day by making a weekly pilgrimage to the ammo counter for the previous “fat” years, a trip to the range with your new Axeon handgun light is out of the question-- or is it? Yes, times are lean now, but there are a few ways to score some boxes of ammo should you be in the need.