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Blog posts of '2020' 'June'

You Too Can Shoot Long Distance with this Simple Accessory
The Axeon Second Zero long-distance rifle accessory does one thing, and only one thing. It bends light. Simple enough. Axeon Optics offers two specific recipes within the Second Zero offering, 4.3 MOA and 11.5 MOA. Why these two? Because these are based on an average of the most popularly sold hunting rounds. Meaning that by calculation it is known that most bullets will hit the kill zone of a target whether it is at 285 yards, 365 yards, or somewhere in between. For most high-velocity rounds the 4.3 MOA Second Zero will give the shooter an additional zero at the +-330 yard mark. Likewise, 11.5 MOA will adjust most high-velocity rounds to an additional zero of +-530 yards.