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Blog posts of '2021' 'September'

A Closer Look: Axeon Optics 4-16X50 Dog Soldier Scope
I’ve had a popular first focal plane 4-16 optic on my rifle for a few years now. Anyone not living under a rock knows that FFP scopes are all the rage right now. But are they right for you? Well, maybe, maybe not. In my case, I’ve found the reticle just a little on the faint side when used at 4x. Since the reticle is in front of the glass elements that move inside of the tube, the reticle changes size in proportion to the magnification of the scope. At higher magnification settings this is most certainly not an issue-- the reticle is clear and bright and all of the reticle’s features are visible and usable. But what I’ve discovered while shooting and hunting is at 4X and in lower light conditions common to our thick Ozark woods, I just can’t find the reticle as fast as I’d like.