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What Is There To Get Excited About in February?
I can’t speak for anyone except for myself, but of the twelve months on the calendar, February has got to be the least appealing one. For me, no matter how you slice it, it’s 28 (or 29) days of cold, miserable weather that must be trodden through in order to make it to what will likely be a cold, windy March. But at least by March there will be some days where jackets won’t be required all day and the days will have grown long enough to allow for some afterwork chores to be done in the daylight.
New Axeon Optics Gear For 2022
Axeon Optics is entering into 2022 with a respectable slate of new products for the year to complement our existing catalog. We were able to show off a few of these new products at SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range with help from our good friends at TACOMHQ but we figured it would be a good idea to write up a summary of each here in our blog. Leaving a superfluous introductory paragraph in the wastebasket, here we go.
Thanksgiving Hodgepodge
In spite of everything going on in the world, we have a lot to be thankful for. For starters, we have a small but loyal fanbase that have picked up our scopes and really enjoyed shooting with them or hitting the woods for hunting. We figured now was as good a time as any to offer a discount good for the month of November as a way of saying thank you. Yes, there will be some additional special discounts offered along the way, but this code will be good for the whole month of November.
MDPR1 Micro Pistol Red Dot
Maybe we are at the end of an era, and maybe not. However you feel about red dot optics on handguns, they are here and they are here to stay. In fact every year more manufacturers are releasing slides and complete handguns equipped with optics ready plates. Fort Smith based Walther Arms, in fact, recently had a very successful debut of their PDP line of pistols-- all of which a factory equipped with optics ready slides. Handgun shooters all over the county are lining up to buy these style pistols and the optics made for this type of application. With that in mind, we here at Axeon Optics are happy to release the MDPR1 micro red dot 1x optic.
On the Dot(s): Axeon Optics Mil-Dot Reticle Scopes
Fall hunting season is here! For some of us, there is still time to get gear together as rifle season won’t start until November (in some places), but then again, there’s not much time between now and November. That being said, if you’ve picked up a new rifle over the last year, and judging by the heavy NICS hit counts that are mentioned every month, quite a few of you have. If you are thinking about taking that rifle to the woods or just getting it prepped for use, consider these mil-dot optical options from Axeon Optics.
A Closer Look: Axeon Optics 4-16X50 Dog Soldier Scope
I’ve had a popular first focal plane 4-16 optic on my rifle for a few years now. Anyone not living under a rock knows that FFP scopes are all the rage right now. But are they right for you? Well, maybe, maybe not. In my case, I’ve found the reticle just a little on the faint side when used at 4x. Since the reticle is in front of the glass elements that move inside of the tube, the reticle changes size in proportion to the magnification of the scope. At higher magnification settings this is most certainly not an issue-- the reticle is clear and bright and all of the reticle’s features are visible and usable. But what I’ve discovered while shooting and hunting is at 4X and in lower light conditions common to our thick Ozark woods, I just can’t find the reticle as fast as I’d like.
Pre-Season Prep! Getting your Gear in Order for a Successful Hunting Season
While it may still be summer, don’t be fooled. Fall hunting season is approaching faster than you think. Yes, the time is now to go through your hunting gear and get it sorted out so you will be prepared for a successful season. Actually, there’s more to it than just going through your gear. You’ve got to take care of yourself, too.
New Tech on Old Gun: MDSR1 and XS Scout Rail on the Marlin 1895G
How can you even say that you are a gun extremist and not like lever actions? Yes, autoloaders and bolt actions rule the day with their accuracy, capacity, and modularity, but why does the antiquated lever gun still remain popular 160 odd years after they were first introduced? Maybe I’m biased, but as a lover of all things pew pew related, the lever action has never lost its appeal to me. The first hunting rifles (and by extension home protection and plinking guns as well) I remember were the Marlin, Winchester, and Browning lever actions my family hunted with. My brother, a guy who’s forgotten more about guns than I’ll ever know, picked up a Savage Model 99 in .308 Winchester about 30 years ago. The Savage employs a hammerless design that delivers bolt action accuracy due in part to its ability to shoot spitzer-style bullets.
A Grizzly Whitetail Encounter
In western Montana, the whitetail buck rut doesn't start until the last week of the season so it has always been a tradition to go out and do some rattling for bucks on Thanksgiving morning. On my way up the mountain, I passed some grizzly tracks meandering through the fresh snow alongside the road but didn't give them much thought because this is grizzly country. Having already trudged through the snow for three empty stands now I wanted to get one more in before looping back to the truck. Moments within ending the first rattle a brushing sound was heard out to my right. Anticipating a big buck to walk out of the trees any moment I brought up my Axeon EDR Scope to my eye, but what was revealed had huge claws and a massive shoulder hump!
Four Tips on How To Find Ammo for Sale
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have picked up on the fact that a commodity, namely firearm ammunition, that was available in profusion last year at this time, is rarer than hen’s teeth today. For those who haven’t anticipated this day by making a weekly pilgrimage to the ammo counter for the previous “fat” years, a trip to the range with your new Axeon handgun light is out of the question-- or is it? Yes, times are lean now, but there are a few ways to score some boxes of ammo should you be in the need.