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New Axeon Optics Gear For 2022

Axeon Optics is entering into 2022 with a respectable slate of new products for the year to complement our existing catalog. We were able to show off a few of these new products at SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range with help from our good friends at TACOMHQ but we figured it would be a good idea to write up a summary of each here in our blog. Leaving a superfluous introductory paragraph in the wastebasket, here we go.

The New Prism 3X Scope

Not to be confused with a red dot, the new Prism 3X Scope features an etched ballistic reticle that is handy for use with multiple calibers. The etched reticle can be used anytime with or without illumination which is a fantastic advantage to have on a rifle optic. However, if you need it, brighten up the reticle with 5 levels of either green or red illumination. The turret caps are tethered to the body of the optic so you’ll never lose those and a set of flip up lens caps are included with the sight. The Prism 3X hits the sweet spot for modern sporting rifle optic magnification at, redundantly, 3X. When combined with the wide 30mm objective lens, shooters can expect to cover 38 ft at 100 yds. Click values are set at ⅓ moa and eye relief comes in at 3.1 inches.

The Axeon 7xRGB20

The new 7xRGB20 multi dot from Axeon Optics brings more to the plate than just being a red dot sight. It also features green and blue illumination and is powered by the ubiquitous AAA style battery. With seven power levels available for each color, this high rise sight is extremely convenient for shooters looking to replace or top off a new build with an easy to live with red dot. Flat watch style batteries are sometimes hard to find and can be expensive when you do find them, but the humble AAA battery can be found nearly anywhere, including the remote control to your TV, if needed. This 20mm objective and ocular lens sight has a 5 moa dot and 1X magnification.

MDPR2 Pistol Red Dot Sight

More and more shooters are opting for handguns that are cut for optics. Shooting with a pistol mounted red dot has become a standard practice for many handgun owners and shooters. In our second entry into this field, the Axeon MDPR2, built on the common DeltaPoint Pro footprint, is being offered for 2022 for shooters looking to outfit their handgun with a tough, quality optic without breaking the bank. This red dot features a 4 moa dot size, 1 moa click adjustment values, long 30,000 hour battery life, 8 brightness levels, as well as a Picatinny mount for adding this sight to a 45 degree mount or as a back-up on top of your rifle’s main optic.

6-24X50 Illuminated Reticle Scope

Many shooters are rocking the long range target these days. For that type of shooting here’s our new Axeon 6-24X50 scope with an illuminated G-126 tree reticle. This second focal plane scope has locking, zero reset turrets, 30mm main tube, and side adjust parallax in addition to a detailed tree style reticle. Since it is a second focal plane reticle, you’ll never have to worry about the reticle being so faint at the low magnification setting that you can’t see it, nor so big at the higher magnification settings that it obscures the target. Ranging can be done in one step at the 10X setting or with one calculation in either direction at 5X or 20X. Illumination is set up in either red or green with 5 levels of brightness for each color.

4-16X50 Illuminated Reticle Scope

Two years ago we introduced the highly successful Dog Soldier Predator Scope which was aimed, pun intended, toward hunters who need to set their dope and go. That scope offered simplicity where it was needed and utility all over the place. The logical next move was to create a variation on that scope that was bent a little more toward a precision shooter. The new Axeon 4-16X50 Illuminated Reticle Scope certainly does just that by also making use of the G-126 tree reticle shared with the 6-24X50 IRS. This scope also features locking, zero reset turrets, side parallax focus, and a 30mm main tube. Illumination is provided in either red or green with 5 steps of brightness for each color. Ranging can be done natively at the 10X magnification setting.

4-16X44 Mil-Dot Scope

Hunting can be tough on gear. Shooting can be tough on gear. But at the end of the day, all you want is to be successful. That’s where the tough, new Axeon 4-16X44 Mil-Dot Scope comes in. It was built tough, tough enough to withstand bidirectional spring air rifle recoil as well as recoil from hard hitting magnum hunting rifles. With covered low profile turrets, side adjust parallax, and an easy to use Mil-Dot reticle, this Hunting Series scope is good to go for your hunting adventure.

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