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Thanksgiving Hodgepodge

In spite of everything going on in the world, we have a lot to be thankful for. For starters, we have a small but loyal fanbase that have picked up our scopes and really enjoyed shooting with them or hitting the woods for hunting. We figured now was as good a time as any to offer a discount good for the month of November as a way of saying thank you. Yes, there will be some additional special discounts offered along the way, but this code will be good for the whole month of November.

In addition to the standing discount for the month, we will be creating some attractively priced bundles as well. Three bundles that we’ve already created for this month including one of our favorite optics, the 1-6X24 LPVO paired with the Absolute Zero laser zeroing device. The second bundle combines the 6-24X50 Long Range Optic with the 11.5 MOA/500 yard Second Zero wedge prism device, and the last bundle matches up the Trisyclon red dot and the ShotLight 120X shotgun accessory. All these bundles are carrying a 13% discount!

Deer Season is Here!

November is a special month here in the state of Arkansas. Not only is the weather officially cool for the entire month, it is the month that is home to modern gun deer season. Those crazy bow hunters have been sweating away for nearly two months at this point. This rifle season, my daughter and I will head out to the woods and see what might stroll by. She’ll be using my Marlin 1895G lever action chambered in .45-70 GOVT. Last month I took off to the range and zeroed in the Axeon Optics MDSR1 compact red dot sight. This Marlin has the XS Sights Scope Rail as well as their ghost ring sights. With the rail-mounted solid, the red dot mounted low, and some Remington Trapdoor loaded soft point ammo, we will be ready for some old mossyback to mosey our way!

While I love the combination of a compact lever-action equipped with a compact red dot, it’s really not about the stuff we will be using in the woods. What I’m really hunting for is some time with my daughter. She’s getting closer to being grown, I mean gone, with each passing day. For those of you who raised kids, there are days when it seems like they will never get grown. Then one day you turn around and they are making plans for their future-- college, career hopes, training, even marriage. While it is unusual for people in our family to move too far off for any reason, it is not unheard of. With my kids and their future choices, it is appearing that moving off is a certainty for them both. The stuff is incidental, time is a thing of utmost importance.

Traditions, Shopping and Otherwise

I’ll have to be honest, the allure of Black Friday shopping just never caught in my gullet. Getting up at the crack of dawn to stand in a line with hundreds of people is just not my thing. Let alone risk getting trampled in a rush or getting into a fight over a silly piece of merchandise. I actually caught on to online shopping years ago before it was THE THING just for these reasons. The way I approach shopping is simple. My time is money. My time is the only thing I have to spend. I’ve already traded my time for money, so why trade more of that time driving, searching, waiting, and “peopling”. By the time I account for the whole enchilada, I might have spent more looking for a bargain in a store compared to finding the item online and placing an order. 5-10 minutes and I’m done with an online transaction. Trying to find the item in a box store might lead to 2-3-4 stores before I even find what it is I’m looking for. There are exceptions to this and I do routinely employ those exceptions on every occasion possible.

This season is a great season to shop locally. Actually, every day is great for this, but if you aren’t in the habit, get out and support your local “mom and pop” shops with your dollars. More than that, make friends with these people. You’ll never see the person who picked your online order, but you live in the same neighborhood as the people who own the little shop downtown. The big box stores have devised plenty of ways to suck money out of your wallet, and the big online retailers are great when used to maximize your family time, but supporting your local retailer, especially in the outdoors arena is crucial for the survival of our hobbies and rights. It’s not just a transaction, it’s a networking opportunity. Take advantage of it!

Mark Davis, avid outdoorsman, family man, and outdoors writer is the eCommerce Manager for Axeon Optics.

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