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You Too Can Shoot Long Distance with this Simple Accessory
The Axeon Second Zero long-distance rifle accessory does one thing, and only one thing. It bends light. Simple enough. Axeon Optics offers two specific recipes within the Second Zero offering, 4.3 MOA and 11.5 MOA. Why these two? Because these are based on an average of the most popularly sold hunting rounds. Meaning that by calculation it is known that most bullets will hit the kill zone of a target whether it is at 285 yards, 365 yards, or somewhere in between. For most high-velocity rounds the 4.3 MOA Second Zero will give the shooter an additional zero at the +-330 yard mark. Likewise, 11.5 MOA will adjust most high-velocity rounds to an additional zero of +-530 yards.
The Dog Soldier Predator Scope

What Features Should a Night Hunting Predator Scope Have?

We are continuing to make things happen here at Axeon Optics. We are proud to announce, in conjunction with Dog Soldier Steve Criner, the arrival of the Dog Soldier Predator Scope. As many of you already know, Steve Criner is a professional ...

Axeon Optics NEW Air Archery Scope
Without further ado we’d like to introduce the Axeon Optics Air Archery scope. Compact, lightweight, and fixed 4X magnification are the building blocks that make the Air Archery scope a perfect mate to an Air Archery device like Umarex USA’s brand new AirSaber. The icing on the cake is graduated reticle that will allow you to precisely hit targets out beyond 60 yards.
Can a Scope Be Budget Priced and Still Perform?
One truly beautiful thing about today’s firearm and firearm accessory environment it that it’s getting harder and harder to find a “dud” product. Rifle manufacturers are turning out budget rifles that can shoot sub-moa from the factory. No need to pay the gunsmith to work your action and trigger over, just get it out of the box and head to the range.
A Sighting In Cautionary Tale!

Ready for a sighting in horror story? It involves wasting a day and countless rounds of ammo. If only they used the best way to sight in a rifle, the Absolute Zero.

Project Rented Mule, Ridden Hard and Put Up Frozen

Axeon Optics line of scopes, this was certainly on my mind. Our product development team assured me that they had come up with a tough scope that delivered on features, price, and performance. Can a scope with an MSRP less than a new rifle possibly be any good?

Absolute Zero: A New Way to Sight In

The Absolute Zero takes all of the guesswork and frustration out of sighting in a rifle. Using two lasers that attach to your scope, it works in as little as one shot.

Axeon® Optics Partners With TACOMHQ

FORT SMITH, Ark. — Umarex USA expands their Axeon® Optic Solutions™ product line with a revolutionary new way for shooters to hit their long-distance targets. Axeon®’s new, patented Second Zero™ optical device will change the way hunters and AR shooters think about taking that 300+ yard shot.