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Axeon Optics Giveaway Winners


THANK YOU to all those who entered for a free chance to win and for supporting our mission to push the boundaries in optics! We’ve given away thousands of dollars in Axeon optic prizes! Products like the Absolute Zero, the easy way to sight in your rifle, and the Second Zero that increases your effective range on target, as well as the Axeon ShotLight that’s made for the home-defense shotgun. Some have received a Dog Soldier Predator rifle scope or an AM3 monocular with a flashlight built-in! That’s just some of the prizes we’ve awarded!

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Congratulations to all of those who claimed their prize from Axeon Optics Solutions. We hope you'll be clearly on target.

1. John P. Washington 11. Sean W - Oregon 21. Jim B. – Oklahoma
2. Tony N. – Mississippi 12. Robert H. – Michigan 22. Michael T. – Pennsylvania
3. Jimmy B. – Missouri 13. Peter G. – North Carolina 23. James S. – Oklahoma
4. Joan K. – Idaho 14. Daniel M. – Alabama 24. Alan Z. – Texas
5. Evan R. – Virginia 15. Therese W. – Pennsylvania 25. Michael M. – Texas
6. Scott M. – Washington 16. Francis R. – Georgia 26. Jeff A. – Pennsylvania
7. Mark J. – Illinois 17. Jacob B. – Ohio 27. Kenneth W. – Alabama
8. Joe H. – Texas 18. James M. – Pennsylvania 28. Emily Z. – Illinois
9. Kristie C. - Georgia 19. Donald S. - South Dakota 29. Jeanette H. – Florida
10. Bill N. – Pennsylvania 20. Shawn G. – Arizona 30. Roland W. – Washington

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