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Axeon Stocking Stuffers

Some of our gear fits really well into a stocking. Thankfully there’s only one time of the year when we consider the size of a sock as a good measuring device for a gift, but since that is the mode of the day, consider these cool pieces of kit for your loved one, or as a guilty splurge for yourself!

Absolutely: Absolute Zero

<p?Save someone, most likely yourself, a lot of heartache and misery by getting them the Absolute Zero sighting system. What’s the heartache? These days, it’s more like a pain in the pocketbook. Ammo is scarce and expensive when you do find it. In order to not waste a shot, get the zeroing process started in a positive way with the Absolute Zero. This laser-powered device ensures you hold your rifle in the exact same spot after you fire the first shot. From there you make the necessary adjustments for windage and elevation so that the rifle scope, being held in the exact same spot, the adjusted reticle covers the impact hole on the target. It’s a simple concept but amazingly effective in establishing an initial 25 yard zero in one shot.

All that is needed is to make an adjustment to complete the process for your preferred zeroing yardage and you are done. Most ammo manufacturers provide some ballistic data to make this really easy to do. To put things into “rule of thumb” territory, a bolt action with a typical high velocity round zeroed at 25 yards will hit about 2.75 inches high at 100 yards. A Modern Sporting Rifle with a much higher scope height will print about 5.7 inches high at 100 yards. Make the fine corrections you need to correct for your preferred zero range and you will be on the X, right where you want to be. And you won’t have converted a pile of money into an unfortunately small pile of brass.

Secondly, Second Zero

It may be named Second Zero, but it’s first in our hearts. This magical little device allows shooters to extend their shooting range by taking care of the holdover correction for you. No Kentucky windage needed, no offense to Kentucky intended. The Second Zero is a wedge prism that bends the light entering your optic to make corrections for one of two ranges of application; 330 yards for the 4.3 MOA version and 500 yards for the 11.5 MOA version. My favorite application is the 4.3 MOA paired with a 1X red dot (more on that later) on my AR15. With the red dot zeroed at 36 yards, this recipe gives a seamless range from point-blank all the way out to 450 yards.

While that is a recipe of my own creation, using a standard 100 yard zero on a hunting rifle will allow a shooter to easily transition to a shot in the 300-yard range without breaking a sweat. If you shoot .22 LR, a pistol caliber carbine, or something like a .45-70, you might be more interested in the 11.5 MOA Second Zero. Whatever you shoot, one of our Second Zero’s can open up new possibilities at the range or in the field.

Three AM? AM3

You may not need a light or monocular at three AM very often, but if you do, the AM3 will be ready to perform. The AM3 is a combination led light and 8X monocular. The light output from the device is powerful, rated at 250 lumens, and adjusts from flood to spot making it handy for all sorts of situations. It just so happens that the light aligns perfectly with the 8X monocular so both can be used after the sun goes down. Hunting, camping, or “possibles” bags are missing out if they haven’t been stocked with gear like this. Particularly hunters are well rewarded for carrying an extra light and certainly rewarded with a safe hunt by glassing the woods with a monocular rather than their rifle scope.

Four Letters Makes One Great Sight: MDRS1

I have to admit that I’ve been waiting patiently for this sight to come up for sale. Once you’ve gone red dot, it’s hard to go back to anything else. Most of my shooting is done at distances under 100 yards. Even when shooting out to 300 yards one doesn’t really need magnification for “practical” accuracy purposes. Red dots are super easy to use and even better when they are nice and tidy. This is why the MDRS1 really got my attention when I first saw it. 20mm objective, single CR2032 battery that will last for a few years under normal use, and plenty of brightness to handle all kinds of lighting conditions. What’s not to love? Shoot as precise as you want up close with the 2 MOA dot size and don’t worry about that dot obscuring the target when you get out at 200-300 yards.

Lastly, Long Range on the Brain

Bolt action rifles are the new black rifle. True story. With all kinds of flat flying long-range rounds hitting the market every year, stretching out your rifle's legs is getting more popular each year. In order to really reach out there, you’ve got to have some long reaching glass on top. We’ve recently added our 6-24X50 Long Range Scope to our inventory. With a clever and intuitive mil-dot style reticle, huge 50mm objective bell, and easy-adjust exposed turrets, this high magnification scope is a fantastic way to engage targets when the distances really start to increase. Whether you are varmint hunting or pinging a steel target, the multi-coated super clear glass on this scope is in it for the long haul. While the box for this scope will take up most of the space in the average stocking, it will still fit!

Don’t wait too late to order as deals and days are slipping away!

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